Wednesday, November 10, 2010

......I remember you
We talked on occasion
Then it became ritual
I needed you to talk to me
So I became apart of the moments
Involving you...
You had a way with laughing and smiling
That set you aside from others
Not saying I'm comparing you
Cause your a unique being
Your pictures showed the canvas of a you i'd never seen
I found myself infatuated
Not loving
But what are feelings if there not there...
I admit I stare
But who doesn't appreciate beauty where it's due
Words aren't good enough
Metaphors don't even begin to describe
What I think of you
You have something different
A natural attitude
A potent personality
Never judged me
And I hope there's never a reason
Pure thoughts find there way to you
Your too kind for a world like this
So I look at the sky
Hoping to find you
And to my surprise I do :) 
SO,i love u dear :)

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