Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ololor... :)

wehh ape ni??
ape comel sangat nihh ??hee
main sorok2 dalam selimut lak .....

haha suatu ari nanti aku nak baby macam ni keyh ??
boleh cium tiap2 hari
 ......                  YUHANIS MAISARA :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bubbie..i miss you .

sihat ?
tengah buat ape?
da makan ?
da mandi belom?
berak basuh tak ni?
jangan degil-degil.
jangan gatal-gatal.
jangan nak mengade-ngade dengan perempuan lain.
jage diri tu.
ingat sayang.
taknak ingat takpe. TAPI...

..psssss....i MISS YOU a Lot ..!!!!!

Aku ingin engkau ada disini
Menemaniku saat sepi
Menemaniku saat gundah
Berat hidup ini tanpa dirimu
Ku hanya mencintai kamu
Ku hanya memiliki kamu
Aku rindu setengah mati kepadamu
Sungguh ku ingin kau tahu
Aku rindu setengah mati
Meski tlah lama kita tak bertemu
Ku slalu memimpikan kamu
Ku tak bisa hidup tanpamu
Aku rindu setengah mati kepadamu
Sungguh ku ingin kau tahu
Ku tak bisa hidup tanpamu
Aku rindu…

Saturday, November 13, 2010


wewittt,,titanic..story ni sangat best.Romantic ..lagi satu story yang sangat sedih pasal dua insan ni.My fav film.Story ni pon dah dpat banyak award,n salah satu filem cinta teragung.WOahh !!babak yang paling best masa dorang kat ujuk kapal uh.Tatao nak cakap macam mane tapi best <3 ..
dalam filem ni suruh kite hargai seseorang uh..Jangan biarkan dia pergi.
'im flying JACK! im FLYING ! :')
..Don't let me go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

true love

I was stuck in total darkness, searching for the right path, and then I saw the light.
The light led me straight to you.
You are my one true love.
Without you I will be nothing, I will be dead.
You are the light to my candle.
If they don't write back or say I love you back that is no true love.
Your true love will not fail on you.
They would take a bullet for you, they will cross oceans for you, and if they do not they are no true love.
You are the one who makes my heartbeat.
Without you there will be no reason for living anymore.
You are my one and only everything.
You are my one and only true love, I promise it!
I love you, my warm and bright Sun!
I wish I was still in your arms instead of laying alone.
I miss your breath one my neck, your touch, I miss everything of my true love. 
..I see he's messaged me
&my heart jumps
because he's different
&it gives me goose bumps

he's special
&he gives me this feeling
i cant explain it
other than my head is spinning

i cant eat
i cant sleep
oh how i wish our lips could meet

he's not a heart breaker
&i know that for sure
he's a friend maker
with a heart so pure

..&He's All Mine:)<33

LOVE is confused !

...-boleh awak jangan tinggalkan saya??
tapi saya takut saya tinggalkan awak sebab saya sakitkan hati awak.
-boleh saya tahu?
seberapa penting saya untuk awak ?
-boleh saya paham?
kalau saya buat awak bosan .
-boleh saya mintak maaf?
kalau nanti saya akan lukakan awak dan buat awak menangis.
-boleh saya tengok hati awak?
sebab saya takut awak tak jujur dengan saya.
-boleh saya takut ?
sebab takut awak dah takde di sisi saya lagi .
-boleh saya peluk awak ?
kalau saya tengah sedih.
-boleh saya cerita dengan awak?
kalau saya ada masalah dalam hidup saya.
-boleh awak selau ziarah saya?
kalau saya dah takde kat sini lagi.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

......I remember you
We talked on occasion
Then it became ritual
I needed you to talk to me
So I became apart of the moments
Involving you...
You had a way with laughing and smiling
That set you aside from others
Not saying I'm comparing you
Cause your a unique being
Your pictures showed the canvas of a you i'd never seen
I found myself infatuated
Not loving
But what are feelings if there not there...
I admit I stare
But who doesn't appreciate beauty where it's due
Words aren't good enough
Metaphors don't even begin to describe
What I think of you
You have something different
A natural attitude
A potent personality
Never judged me
And I hope there's never a reason
Pure thoughts find there way to you
Your too kind for a world like this
So I look at the sky
Hoping to find you
And to my surprise I do :) 
SO,i love u dear :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Please be mine forever .

siapa yang tak nak kahwin kan ??maybe aku nanti...
haha,sekarang mude lagi kot... 
so,tak berharap nak kahwin sekarang...tapi nanti aku nak kan wedding yang paling FANTASTIC!!ahaa,,sekali seumur hidup je kan,semua orang nak kahwin..aku nak yang tak leh lupa sampai mati pun.N kahwin tak boleh main2 jugak,kena cari soulmate,orang yang paling sesuai dengan kita kot.Baru gempak.